Server rack assembly

We move IT structures with system

As part of your Geuer IT move, we can put together technical services at very individual offers. The professional dismantling and re-installation of racks for server systems is one of them. In combination with Geuer cable management, we restore the functionality of your IT structures exactly as they were before the move.

Server regal Umzug

Systematic resettlement of all parts

Before dismantling your IT technology, rack units and components have been documented and recorded in detail, just like any cabling. All racks, rails, fan cabinets and slide-in units are distributed to the moving trucks in such a way that they arrive at the unloading site in the optimal order for assembly.

Ideally, cable service and rack assembly go hand in hand. This ensures that all component fronts are optimally aligned from the outset and the need for subsequent corrections can be virtually eliminated.

Adjustments are made directly on site

Well-trained Geuer fitters take over the rapid assembly of your server racks at the new location. They are familiar with the modular principles of all common rack systems.

Thanks to careful relocation planning, every special tool required is certain to be available during the move. This means that any necessary changes or adjustments to the racks can be made promptly and professionally on site.