You can count on us.

When large server systems or entire data centres are on the move, you are well advised to choose Geuer as moving partner. Benefit from our extensive experience in dismantling complex IT systems and reliable reconstruction at the new location. For all necessary IT services we always integrate the right specialist into your Geuer relocation team.

dguv3 assessment

Certified reliability after installation.

After dismantling, transport and re-installation of your IT peripherals, we offer complete functional testing on request as part of the relocation service. […]

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Server-rack montage

We enable IT structures with a system.

As part of your Geuer IT relocation we can put together a highly personalised package of technical services. This implies professional dismantling and […]

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Use your move for updates.

Professional cable management is one of the indispensable Geuer services for any IT relocation. It ensures the reliability of your computer […]

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The move takes place while continuing operations.

Planning and project management for the relocation of IT, computer or server systems require a precise master plan in advance. We fit it perfectly into the processes of your company, since your business should usually able to continue running during the move. Each workstation is documented for connection wiring to the last detail, and reinstalled in the new network environment 1:1.

All-inclusive: consulting, hosting, data protection

For Geuer, there is no upper limit for the number of transported IT workstations. We faithfully reproduce any IT environment for you, of any size. It does not matter whether individual departments are moving within a company or whether an entire company is completely changing location. Because for your IT move with Geuer, the entire range of Geuer services can be involved.