Laboratory equipment transport

Optimal logistics make the difference

If a laboratory plant or even just parts of it are relocated, foresighted planning is indispensable. Geuer has a great deal of experience in this field, as a look at our references will show you. Benefit from our efficient and flexible storage and distribution logistics and save your own resources for maintaining laboratory operations during the move.

We transport sensitive laboratory equipment

We are prepared for the transport of sensitive laboratory equipment. We can transport not only equipment but also chemicals and hazardous materials. Find out more about our services in the laboratory.

Data-based acquisition and handling.

Efficiently networked processes ensure fast workflows without friction losses. All parties involved are kept up to date on everything at all times during all phases of your laboratory equipment transports. On request, we use neutral or customized packaging types for your laboratory equipment. As a rule, they are specially manufactured in-house to meet specific requirements.

We reinstall complete laboratory workstations

If desired, your laboratory equipment can be delivered directly to the new laboratory workstations. The unpacking of all parts, and the return or disposal of all packaging material, is of course included. The connection of the laboratory equipment is taken care of by trained specialists who are prepared for the technologies and characteristics of your equipment during the relocation planning.

Computer-aided, detailed documentation of your relocation inventory also pays off when it comes to functional tests and the return of defective equipment or equipment requiring maintenance. An up-to-date before/after overview can be derived at any time from individual interface checks for many areas. It is a perfect basis for deriving all necessary measures.