Shelf assembly

Assembly and disassembly of all types of storage equipment

Most of the demand for storage capacity in companies is met by racking systems. These systems range from simple kilometer-long storage racks to high-bay warehouses with complex rolling and shifting technology. Geuer knows almost all of them: from hundreds of moves of companies, libraries, file archives, magazines, laboratories or industrial pallet warehouses.

Ensuring any load capacity

It goes without saying that we meet all requirements for compartment and field loads in accordance with DIN standards or VDE regulations when assembling racking systems. Every Geuer team includes well-trained specialist fitters who can safely assess the safe working condition of storage technology. Especially in case of reuse, they recognize damaged or defective components and sort them out. Any damage is documented and represents the first step towards replacement as quickly as possible after the move.

From pallet rack to exhibition rack

Depending on the work area, maximum load-bearing capacity, valuable appearance or simply length and volume are important for racking systems. Our fitters are equipped to meet all these requirements. Either with kid gloves and cordless screwdriver. Or with heavy assembly equipment for the installation of industrial shelving for industrial goods weighing tons.