Kitchen assembly

Installations from pantry to commercial kitchen

For kitchens of any size, every good idea invested in kitchen planning pays off again day after day in kitchen use. Take advantage of the extensive experience of Geuer planners and installers for the relocation and installation of kitchens of any type. They bring with them a high level of personal commitment and a great deal of specialist knowledge in detail.


Take the fitted kitchen with you - or everything new?

Kitchens, pantries and canteens are among the most important social gathering places in companies. Use the relocation of your company for optimizations in this area. When the Geuer furniture fitters install your new kitchen, everything can already be planned, ordered and delivered. Talk to your Geuer planning partner specifically about these possibilities.

Competence for the entire kitchen equipment

Kitchen equipment is composed of various individual furniture, countertops, accessories and appliances. As a rule, the reconstruction cannot be realized in exactly the same form. Countertops have to be replaced, fixtures have to be moved, slopes require individual adjustments of cabinets and shelves.

Therefore, arrange an all-inclusive kitchen installation with Geuer. Whether as part of a move or as a separate service for the installation of a completely new kitchen is irrelevant. We will implement your order cleanly and on schedule with our own permanently employed skilled craftsmen: Carpenters, joiners, electricians and plumbers.