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Installation service

We install everything right up to turnkey handover.

From office furniture to kitchenette, from hardware to software – we dismantle, transport and reinstall everything for you, exactly as you wish. Whether your relocation project is manageable or highly complex: ask us for your personalised installation offer for your move.

Kitchen installation

Installations, from pantries to canteen kitchens.

For kitchens of any size: every good idea invested in kitchen planning pays for itself day after day in the use of the kitchen. Benefit from the vast […]

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Shelving assembly

Assembly and dismantling of storage technology of all kinds.

The bulk of the demand for storage capacity in companies is covered by shelving systems. The range of these systems ranges from kilometres […]

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Furniture assembly

Assembly by experienced professionals.

Whether kitchen, office furnishings, conference room or a smart foyer: we guarantee the careful handling of your company assets, not only […]

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We only use trained professionals.

Professional dismantling and reassembly is one of the main criteria for retention of the value of your removals goods. Which is why the Geuer technicians are trained for all current office and furniture systems. Long-term company loyalty and the experience of your Geuer teams pays off here, too. There is hardly a mechanism, a material or a technical detail that has not passed throughout he hands of our relocation specialists.

Expertise from art pieces to configuration technology.

Using specialised tools, expert transport and a great deal of experience, we guarantee the safe dismantling and rebuilding of your facilities, infrastructures, and domestic technology. Basically, there is nothing that we cannot do: Geuer assumes the installation of complete operations, all over the world.

We are prepared for large-scale orders, which depend on efficiently speedy installation. These include, for example, shelving systems, movable wall systems or storage systems. Our specialties also include transport and installation of particularly valuable, bulky or sensitive objects of any kind. Of course, including all insurance and warranty services.